Here are various project upon which Jake has worked over the past decade or so.


Waypeople was originally commissioned for the 2023 Wellington Jazz Festival and is my first attempt to write jazz music with lyrics. I’ve enjoyed playing with the sounds of the American songbook and juxtaposing them with this ancient wisdom

Gardening Music

Gardening Music is a project born out of my love of gardening as a tonic for the travails of the working musician. Learning to garden has taken me through a similar arc as learning to compose. Now, I’ve come up with a whole book of tunes.

Striking Moments

Striking Moments—especially engaging musical statements discovered during improvisation itself—can act as the genesis of new musical material to adopt into and adapt for an improvising vocabulary.


Sanctuary is a collaboration between Jake Baxendale and Jasmine Lovell-Smith. The eleven-piece ensemble was created as part of a live performance residency named the Arthur Street Loft Orchestra, at the now defunct Wellington venue, The Third Eye.


JB3 is a funky organ-drums-sax trio with an extensive repertoire, from jazz, boogaloo, latin, funk, soul and R&B. Whilst drawing on the funk and soul jazz stylings of ’50s and ’60s era Blue Note recordings, JB3 bring their own flavour with their original tunes and interpretations of classic jams.

The Jac

The Jac has been a leading voice in the New Zealand jazz scene, pushing a modern sound with their distinctive, through-composed compositions, tight ensemble playing, and impressive live shows.


Antipodes is a collective of New Zealand, Australian and European jazz musicians, featuring the original compositions of pianist Luke Sweeting, saxophonist Jake Baxendale and guitarist Callum Allardice.


Bazurka are a seven piece Balkan fusion ensemble forged in the fires of the cultural melting pot that is Newtown, and tempered by passion, heartache, and a dash of madness.

Richter City Rebels

Richter City Rebels music is heavy and soulful. It grooves deeply with pounding bass and searing brass. Catchy vocals and chants draw the crowd into the party and the rolling, infectious sound is punctuated by the fierce crack of drums and percussion.